More on SteroidS and version 2.0

Well, these past days have been crazy. I’ve been working on another SteroidS update, and this time it will include Mac support.

I was looking around the net looking for (good or bad) comments on the game, and made a small list of what the next update should include. By reading those comments I also realized some people don’t seem to understand what the game is about, since they make comparisons that aren’t really accurate.

SteroidS is not some sort of isometric or (far-perspective) third person shooter. SteroidS is an Asteroids-like game, where all you do is shoot the bad guys and get high scores. It’s like saying SteroidS is Geometry Wars without the glowing shapes, but with shirtless dudes.

Anyway, Indie Game Magazine wrote a little something on SteroidS. More articles will come soon, I promise. Remember you can get SteroidS for $5.99 on Indievania (the $2.99 offer is now gone).

~ by nemirc on November 28, 2011.

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