Enola taking shape

Hi! Open-mouthed smile

I missed last week’s post, I know, but here I am again. Well, there’s someone already working on the game. She’ll do concept design and also 3d modeling, and since she’s a designer you can be sure the final game will not look like crap, heh. I mean, the idea is for the game to look, sound, and play cool!

Since I wanted people to have a better idea of what kind of game I want Enola to be, I made a few changes to the game I made for ludum dare. This new build is what I call a “very small prototype” since it involves some of the gameplay mechanics I want for the full game. It features 1 puzzle, 1 trap, and an additional ending (AKA the “good” ending). You can download this build here. Obviously the full game will be a lot longer than this.

In other news, but somehow related, I’ve been playing some Amnesia: The Dark Descent lately. It’s a very cool game, but so far it hasn’t scared me (I know someone who’d even say that I’m a person without feelings because the game hasn’t scared me). This is not the first time a scary game doesn’t scare me, so I began to think how I could make Enola scary, if horror games don’t scare me (one of the last times I recall being scared was when someone said “we don’t go to Ravenholm.” So I it took me some pretty heavy thinking, but I figured I could use parts of “the human condition” and twist it a little so it could be scary. Pretty much, Enola focuses on a more “real” and more “humane” kind of fear.

It was that or add a bunch of trucks into the game, since trucks do scare me (I was in a car accident some years ago; a truck hit me, and it was like freaking Optimus Prime punched my car).


And since I’m cool, here’s a screen of the game prototype.

Play the prototype, and if you like it make a donation.


~ by nemirc on January 23, 2012.

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