Enola: Island update

I’ve been working more on Enola, figuring out the “main level” (the island). For it, I’ve been using the landscape editor in UDK.

The basic idea (no spoilers) is this: The island serves as some sort of “lobby” to all the different levels (so to speak). I think I mentioned this before, there will be 5 levels, and 4 secret levels (not mentioning the final level). Players will have to explore the island and find the entrances to those 5 levels (you will be able to visit them in any order). Scattered on the island you will also find different things… and that’s all I can say right now.

This is how the island is looking like right now (fog disabled so you can see the entire thing). It still needs a lot of work, but since I’ll be releasing regular alphas, you’ll be able to see how the island (and the rest of the game) takes shape (well, you will get those alphas if you back my campaign, of course).


Trees and the “little houses” are temporary assets, and will be gradually replaced as the game development progresses. Right now I’ll start to work on the first level, so I can have a prototype by the end of the week for alpha funders to see.

See you next week!


~ by nemirc on February 6, 2012.

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