Open letter to “indie” devs: What’s the point of all this hate, anyway?

This post is some sort of “reaction” to certain indie devs ranting about the EA Indie Bundle. After reading that, I have to wonder why do certain indie developers persist on spreading all this sickening hate?

Yesterday Marcus Johansson, from Frictional, said to me on Twitter “I just hope those developers get the most of out of the deal,” and that’s really the point here (at least it is to me). It’s not about “the EA bastards ruining everything” like Marcus “Notch” says. I certainly missed the part where promoting smaller developers is a bad thing.

Yes, I know maybe the name is not the most suitable, and maybe they should have called it “the EA Partners bundle” or something like that. However, now that I think about it, that’s a horrible name. I think part of the problem here is that people still don’t know what “indie” means, and certain developers want the “indie” label to mean something so special, like an angel came from the sky and took human form.

But know this: “indie” is just a word and there’s nothing special about it.

Those who know me enough (based on my personal blog), know I used to work in advertising. One of the reasons I left that line of work is because I got tired of the “I’m better than you are” attitude.

Game development is supposed to be about making the games you want to make, have fun making those games, make others enjoy the games you make, and of course make a living. If something is “methodically and cynically ruining gaming” is the attitude from those developers who seemingly couldn’t handle success well enough and now the thinking part of their brain was replaced with a hot air balloon (the right side of the brain is still there, obviously, since they continue making good games).

So, how about this: you stop spreading the hate, you stop the “I’m too sexy for big publishers” attitude, and in general, stop the “us small cool indie devs Vs the evil big publishers” routine. You may think this “rebel” attitude makes you look cool, but I have news for you: it doesn’t.

If that’s what an “indie developer” is supposed to be, then I think it’s better if I just label myself as “independent game developer.”

How about you all simply make games, have fun making games, and make a living? All I’m saying is “give peace a chance” (except when it comes to game genres, because I like shooting Necromorphs as much as the next guy).

And yes, I’m aware the “small cool indie devs” are not the only ones spreading hate. I still remember John Riccitiello’s warm words about Call of Duty.

Thanks for your time.


~ by nemirc on May 4, 2012.

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