Shitty games and sound

Hello all!

I’m staying away from the long philosophical posts this weekend, but I wanted to throw a question out there (even if nobody answers). Luckily this is my blog and I can write whatever I like, so here it goes.

I was watching some interview to some indie yesterday, or Friday, not sure (not naming any names) and then the guy said something like “I wouldn’t make something like what you see in mainstream games because I don’t make shitty games.” So, it made me wonder one thing. Why is it that (most) indies have this urge to overstate how shitty mainstream games are (speaking in absolutes… “they ARE shitty” instead of “I THINK they are shitty”), and how they would never “lower” themselves and make a mainstream-like game?

Truth is there are a lot of mainstream games I would never play, but not because they are “shitty” but because I don’t find them interesting (like COD or RE), but that doesn’t mean the game is crap. On the other hand, following the indie logic, there must be a lot of shitty indie games based on the fact that I, personally, don’t like them, and some of them are games loved by many (like Minecraft).

It’s good that you feel you’re making something special, but that doesn’t mean everything else around you sucks balls…

Well, in other news… been reworking parts of the Enola island. I’ve been adding sounds as well, so the game is not completely silent. Here’s a video showing that:


~ by nemirc on July 9, 2012.

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