I’m still alive

Hello all Smile

Just a quick post. I’m still alive, but I’ve been busy adding many things to Enola. Next update (alpha 0.4) will be out soon-ish and there are many new things in it.

1. You’ve heard the name Enola, but do you know who she is? You’ll get more info about her.
2. This version introduces 2 more characters, Angelica and Astrid.
3. You’ll also meet a girl who likes girls. There is not much information about her, though (believe me, she’s not the kind of person you want to meet, though).
4. The new level for this version is a night club, but it won’t be nice at all.
5. Have you wondered what’s with the wrecked whip at the start of the game?
6. You’ll get the visit the interior of the two-story house on the island, and you’ll find out who’s house it is.
7. Many visual changes in the levels, new areas, and overall the levels feel less empty now.
8. Music and sounds! This version has music and sounds, and also a few voices Open-mouthed smile

I will release some screens sometime this week for you to see. In the meantime, how about this one?



~ by nemirc on October 23, 2012.

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