Angelica in-engine, and thick fog may return

Well hello!

Just a quick update. Angelica is now in the engine. You can see how she looks like here.


I certainly cannot wait to see her animated. Since you can find pretty much (almost) anything online, I went to look for performances that would fit Angelica, to make make my animation job easier… or harder… I don’t really know yet, but I think it will make it harder simply because I’ll have to “extrapolate” Angelica’s actual performance from whatever bits I get from the video (I will then make an “expression chart”).

This reminds me of the time when I was working on my short film, Tormented. Much of the performance delivered by the main character was derived from the voice actress. The difference here is that I had her actual performance, so I didn’t need to “come up” with anything. Trailer below:

(Well it seems I deleted the movie trailer, and all I found was this short coverage a TV station made. It’s in spanish but it’s better than nothing, I guess).

In other news. There’s something about Enola that was kinda bothering me. In the original game, the entire environment had this thick fog. The fog was added to create a nice atmosphere, but that was only half of the story. It actually covered the not so-nice-looking extremely minimalistic environment.


Earlier versions of the game still featured a somewhat thick fog.


But later versions have ditched it, and I also used night-time to create a nice atmosphere.


The thing is I kinda miss the fog, so I was thinking on bringing it back. As you know, Enola is still in alpha so there’s always room for change and improvement. I’m currently trying to figure out what to do about the fog, and how it can work best. I don’t want the island to feel like any other island, I want it to have the “mysterious” feel to it, and I think the fog can add a nice atmosphere.

So far, this is what I have. I’m trying to combine the night-time and the fog in a single scene. If you ask me, that kinda sucks, heh, so it needs a lot of work…


But I shall get there, eventually.

~ by nemirc on December 24, 2012.

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