Changes to the cabin

Hello all! This will also be a rather short post. The cabin is going through some major changes (maybe not “major” changes, but it will feature some big changes). Last week I posted a short video featuring an animated Angelica. Well, she appears in the cabin a few times (those are flashbacks, BTW), and provides some info about her background and who she is.

There’s also a new area in the level, and it will be used to provide more information and deeper understanding of the story (and also to make the level more interesting). This new area is a big room with a rotating bridge.


In that area you’ll get to see some other parts of the game, including Freya’s bedroom (Angelica’s mother).


These changes will make it to the next release. As you can guess, they will show up in Enola and Enola: The Cabin. That’s for this week.. More updates soon!


~ by nemirc on March 4, 2013.

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