About violence…

Today I was going to write about DreaOut, because I played the demo the other day and it was freaking scary. However, what happened in Boston made me think about some things…


Ok it’s not my intention to start an argument or anything similar. I just need to get this out of my system, also considering Enola is a game about violence (just to clarify, “a game about violence” and “a violent game” are two different things).

What happened today in Boston made me think about violence in general, and how a terrorist attack can make people rethink their ideas about good and evil, and the perceived relativism of violence (like thinking how some forms of violence are "not so bad" compared to a terrorist attack).

The thing is there isn’t such thing as "not so bad violence," because in any form of violence there’s a person or a group harming another person or a group (emotionally, physically or verbally). Today’s bully can become tomorrow’s killer, and today’s abusive person can become tomorrow’s terrorist. And they all have one thing in common: they only care about themselves, their ideals, dogmas, desires and what not.

So it’s easy to think “well I do drive like a maniac but I’m not a bad person, not like those terrorists,” because terrorists make us think that “evil actually exists in this world.” Bombing, fighting, physically/verbally abusing, bullying, cyberbullying, killing, exploiting, robbing and raping are a form of violence.

So I guess all I can say is prayers/good wishes/good vibes not only to those in Boston, but to those who are victims of any form of violence. Bomb or not, kids are still being bullied, women being raped, men being murdered.

The origin of violence is fundamentally very simple: human pride. It’s about imposing your rights over the rights of others, and that derives from human pride. A man beats someone else up because “he has the right to earn his respect.” A kid bullies someone “well, just because he doesn’t like him.” A man rapes a woman because “he has the right to have sex.” A person or a group of people set a bomb to “teach others a lesson.” A president is ready to nuke a country because of “his own political interests.”

As long as humans only care about themselves, violence will exist. Unfortunately I don’t think humans will change any time soon

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me.


In other news, Enola is part of an indie alpha bundle. You can get Enola and other 3 games if you pay at least $4. You can check out the bundle here.

And there’s also a teaser trailer.


~ by nemirc on April 16, 2013.

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