Reinventing the wheel: point and click game in Unity, and next game

Well hello!

So this weekend was personal game jam weekend. My plan was to make a third person point-and-click game using Unity. However, I couldn’t finish it because I could barely get the navigation and camera functionality. Besides, I am kinda sick, so I wasn’t really much into working on this countless hours.

I had used a little bit of Unity before, but I’d never used it to make an actual project, so there were a lot of things I didn’t know about the software. Besides, Unity is harder than Game Maker, so I spent a lot of time getting used to it. Also there’s the fact that I am not a programmer, and while the Unity guys say the tool is also non-programmers friendly, you do need to know how to program (or modify codes) to make anything work in Unity.

Anyway, before I continue, let me show you what I managed to do:

This prototype has two different systems.

The first one is a “point and click” navigation system. Basically you click onto the floor surface to let your pawn know where you want him to move. The second system is a “Resident Evil camera” system that switches from one camera to the next as you go through the different “rooms.” It’s an extremely simple prototype but it still took me a while to do it.

Anyway, while working on this I kept thinking “why am I doing in Unity something I can very easily do in UDK?” In UDK you can use a mouse interface to make a similar point-and-click system using Kismet, and you can also use trigger volumes to switch cameras. Maybe I will become more familiar with Unity in the following months, so I don’t know if any future game would be made in Unity or UDK.

Working on a different engine is not just about coming up with different ways to make the same gameplay functionality. If I’ve learned something while developing Enola is that (keeping in mind the game is actually pretty simple, gameplay-wise), the different gameplay elements were somewhat easy to implement. However, you also need to deal with other things like save systems, menus, inventories and such. Thanks to Enola I have pretty good systems to handle all those things, but switching to a different engine means developing new systems that will handle all those things.

So the next game may be developed using Unity, but maybe we will continue working with UDK.

You may be wondering why I was so interested on a point-and-click game. Well, I have the basic concepts for the next 2 games:

  • The first one is a point-and-click war game. It will be sorta-horror-themed, and it takes place in the middle of a war, but it will NOT be action oriented.
  • The other one is a third person sci-fi horror based on a story I wrote, about a girl looking for her “sister” (I planned to turn it into a book, but never did).

Those are very early concepts, so I can’t say much about them (besides I still need to figure out how they would play).

By the way, 3 more Enola screenshots for you!


Remember you can show us some love preorder Enola on our website here
You can also get it on different websites.
Lastly, vote for Enola on Steam Greenlight.

We’re figuring out how to sell the Enola OST. When it’s available, I will let you know!

See you next week.


~ by nemirc on June 17, 2013.

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