Mirror mirror on the wall

Well, hello again! This is just a quick update.

For some time I’ve had the idea that I wanted mirrors in Enola (mirrors play an important part, storywise). These should be real mirrors, as in mirrors that actually reflect the environment, unlike mirrors in some modern games which are only black shiny pieces of something.

If you’re familiar with Enola, then you know your player character actually has a face, a body, and all that, even if it’s a first person game. She would only be visible in cinematics and mirrors. Setting up the first and third person character models was not so difficult because similar functionality is already built in UDK, so it was only a matter of configuring the character so she actually looks like she’s walking when you move.


I can also very easily swap the “skin,” so I then was thinking what if I had unlockable costumes or things like that. Even if you didn’t see them very frequently in the game, I think it would be interesting to have that extra layer. After all, the game already has 5 different endings, so I figure the game could offer something extra for unlocking all the endings.

Also, have you seen the killer in red?


This is part of a cinematic that takes place in the church level.

Well, that’s all. A new update will be released soon-ish…

~ by nemirc on August 7, 2013.

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