Enola updates (finally), misc stuff and soundtrack!



We’ve been working a lot to update Enola, and now we are making available version 0.10.
It’s still in alpha, and it’s still incomplete, but we are getting close.

Maybe the most important part of the update is the "hint system." The name may sound like something complex and all, but basically what the hint system does is provide players with some information they may need to advance in the game.

Enola has always been a game where we don’t want to hold your hand. This is tricky because we want the game to be difficult, but not frustrating. Basically, what this "hint system" does is provide useful information. For example, if you solve a puzzle or pick up an item, Enola (your player character) will deliver a line hinting what to do next ("this key has a weird symbol, but I think I saw a similar symbol downstairs" or "I heard a sound, maybe this machine unlocked that door on the other side?").

The hint system is not an "objective system" where you’re literally told what to look for or where to go. For example, in other games you’re told you need to look for, say, 8 items without even knowing why you should be looking for them. Personally I don’t like things like that because you’re no longer discovering things, you’re simply told to perform certain tasks.

This new update also features new content, different and improved textures, and also Angelica is fully animated in all of her flashbacks. A couple of animations need minor tweaking, but at least they are there 😀


If you want to support us even more (specially Nick), you can get the Enola Soundtrack here: Nickborrego.bandcamp.com

We are currently working on prototype versions of the last levels. While we work on those we will also continue improving the current levels. On our next update I plan to make the shadow men really really brutal, so remember when I say to stay away from them 😀

Lastly. This is not related to Enola at all, but I’m sharing it anyway. The Domaginarium is now part of the Sony Latinamerica Incubation program. This doesn’t mean Enola is coming to the Playstation, mostly because we don’t have enough money to license the full UE3. I’ll share more news about this when we have something else to tell you 🙂

You can download the new demo or preorder Enola on our Website
You can also preorder the game on Desura, Indievania, IndieGameStand, Shinyloot, Gamersgate or JustAdventure.

You can also vote for Enola on Steam Greenlight.


~ by nemirc on November 11, 2013.

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