Enola coming to Steam and other stuff

Hello all!

Well, Enola was finally greenlit, and that means you will see Enola on Steam as well. Since we’ve been alpha-funding the game for over one year and a half, it’s logical to ask if we will release the game through the Steam Early Access thing. Short answer: we won’t.

The early access thing is cool, but I’ve realized it’s difficult to sell the game “in chunks.” Doing this also makes it very tricky to know how much to release and how much to keep under wraps, specially since Enola is pretty much a linear experience with a beginning and an end.


So the plan is to simply wait until it’s finished, and release the final version on Steam and the other stores simultaneously.

In other news, I got some funding for Enola as well (although I won’t see the money until early 2014, heh). Part of the plan is to port Enola to PhyreEngine so it can be released on the Playstation (my goal is PS3 and PS4).

We got PhyreEngine as part of the Playstation incubation program, and I began experimenting with it a little while ago. I can’t devote as much time to it as I’d like to because we have to finish Enola, so it’s a matter of balancing how much time I spend on one thing or the other (right now I’m using 2 days a week for Phyre and the remaining 3 for Enola).

So far I’ve been into importing assets, characters, animations, controls, and things like that.

The obvious question is why port the game to Phyre instead of using Unreal Engine? Well using UE is something I may consider, if I can afford it. Right now we can’t afford to license the engine because it’s somewhat expensive (I could tell you the exact amount but Epic doesn’t disclose that price on their website, so I guess it’s not ok for me to disclose it either even if I have not signed any sort of NDA with them).

In the end it’s all about the money. If Enola on the PC sold a lot and we got a few hundred thousands in net revenue, I think I’d consider licensing UE. So, re-making the game in PhyreEngine and making it feel as closely as possible to the PC version is our current goal. The upside is that the engine supports all the Playstation platforms out of the box, so it would make it easier to support PS3 and PS4 (and even Vita).

And that’s it. See you soon!

~ by nemirc on December 10, 2013.

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