So, I skipped the Outlast DLC…

I am not going to start this campaign about “no more graphic violence in videogames” because I still believe anyone can make a game about anything they want and portray things the way they want them. So if someone wants to make a game with a guy who “goes postal” and kills anyone around in brutal ways, or a game about the trigger-happy soldier, or the one about running your car over pedestrians and prostitutes and then beat them up with a dildo-shaped weapon, why should I care.

At the end of the day, it’s not about “proving the industry has a problem and ask them to make the games “the way I feel they should be made.” If someone decides their game needs tons and tons of gore, they can perfectly do it.

Just like I can perfectly decide not to play such games. There’s a reason why I play Halo but not COD, and there’s a reason why I play Mortal Kombat but not other violent games.

If you’ve read this blog before, there’s a chance you already know I liked Outlast a lot, save for the whole crap about the Walrider and Finding Father Martin. I even liked it considering how much torture porn it featured. When the DLC was released I was almost ready to get it, but I decided to check a couple of reviews first.

Somewhere I read that it took the gore and stuff to a whole new level, so I did what I thought was the next logical step. I went to Youtube to watch a few parts of the game, and then I saw they were right about that.

So, I skipped the Outlast DLC because I consider it used way too much gore for the same reason Saw uses it: because “omg, I can’t unsee the horror!!!” On a side note, I only watched the first Saw movie, and I usually don’t watch gory horror movies (so I didn’t watch the Hostel series either, or the one about the weird looking mutants that live in the woods… can’t rememeber the name). The only gore movie I’ve watched is Hellraiser, and that’s because (unlike the ones I mentioned), it’s cool.

This comes from the guy that said he wants the Clockwork Orange of games.

Maybe it boils down to one thing: I have certain expectations when it comes to horror. I’m not saying “gimme horror games with no blood.” After all, I love Silent Hill and it’s one of the most perverse things ever made.

Story-wise, a man (or woman) who’s violently killed another person is not automatically less evil than one who’s violently killed 100 people, nor more impressive or scarier, so adding all those guts for decoration loses its effectiveness after a little while.

So what do you do? Add an even more gruesome death somewhere.

And another one.

And a third one that’s even sicker.

And so on… and it all becomes a game of “let’s add MOAR because it’s scarier.”

(Besides, I have to admit when I played Outlast half of the time I was trying to count how many people had died, and how they had managed to stuff so many people in such a small facility… I mean, was it around 300 or 400?).

After all this, I’m not going to say “can I haz less gore, please?” Feel free to use your gore and blood in any way you want, and I will feel free to either play or skip your game. After all, some others will still play it.

By the way, if Catholicism interest you in any way, feel free to visit my other blog.

~ by nemirc on June 17, 2014.

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