New Project: The Nightmare from Outspace

Well, some time ago I briefly posted about the new project. It’s been under development for some time but since I’ve been away I haven’t posted anything about it here. That new project finally has a title, it’s “The Nightmare from Outspace”

The idea for this game was somewhat of an evolution. I first got the idea after playing the Tomb Raider reboot and thinking “well, I didn’t like it.” Long story short: I didn’t like the game because it didn’t feel like a Tomb Raider game, but rather it felt like a Gears of War game with some tomb raiding here and there (at least they seem to be adding some actual tomb raiding to the upcoming game). So I thought “what if we could make a sorta-tomb-raider game where the acrobatics are the main point, not something that is used between the shootings?”


The first iteration was to take place on an island, then we moved on to some idea about an actual tomb raider girl, then that evolved into some sort of space-tomb raider girl discovering ancient alien tombs, and now you’re “doing acrobatic stuff” in some sort of space station.

The game will be some sort of fusion between Tomb Raider and Metroid, because you will have to do all sorts of acrobatics and platforming, but at the same time you will be exploring, finding items to access new areas, and unlock other areas with those items or skills.

We had spent a lot of time working on the story, but we have to change it because we had problems with a team member who had been working on the story (basically, she showed she didn’t really care about the project and not doing what she was supposed to do). That means we have to rewrite the entire thing so that nobody comes to us later saying “hey you, the story was mine so you owe me part of the revenue” or something like that.

We do know, however, we do know the story is going to be inspired by cosmic horror, specially from Lovecraft and authors like him. That’s not to say you will see Cthulhu (or some Cthulhu-like space brother), because, as you know, the Lovecraft mythos is not just about Cthulhu.


We will launch a Kickstarter soon-ish, so I really hope you can help us reach the goal and make this game possible.

And that’s it!

You can see more of the project here.

~ by nemirc on August 17, 2015.

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