This is the list of articles that I’ve written for Renderosity. I will continually update the list as I write more articles.

Note: Unfortunately, older links no longer work due to changes on the Renderosity back-end that have happened over time. I’m still leaving them here just for track record.

  1. Shade 7 Professional, Reviewed
  2. Animation Alley – The Principles of Animation
  3. Animation Alley – The Art of Posing
  4. StarWars Episode III – A Computer Graphic View
  5. Animation Alley – Arcs
  6. Gnomon Workshop – Visual Storytelling DVD
  7. Real-Time Spray-Paint Simulation In Maya
  8. Animation Alley meets
  9. The Reality of Ian Hubert’s Ideality
  10. Animation Alley – Balance
  11. Piratas en el Callao [Pirates in Callao]
  12. The Five-Minute Ghost Pumpkin!
  13. Luminetik’s Akiko Ashley Captures Animation!
  14. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
  15. Get Your “Body In Motion” with Maya 7
  16. Alias’ Maya 7 – BlendShape Deformer
  17. Modeling With T-Splines
  18. The Chronicles of Studio C [part one]
  19. The Chronicles of Studio C [part two]
  20. cgMuscle System
  21. iClone, you clone
  22. Maya 7 render layers
  23. A codec moment
  24. Camera tracking with Moujou
  25. The SIGGRAPH Showfloor, Part 1
  26. The SIGGRAPH Showfloor, Part 2
  27. The SIGGRAPH Showfloor, Part 3
  28. Create Breathtaking 3D with Maya 8
  29. CrazyTalk 4.5 Review
  30. Working with Geometry Cache in Maya 8
  31. Realtime filmmaking with iClone 1.5
  32. Ballistic Publishing’s “d’artiste Concept Art”
  33. Anime Studio Pro 5
  34. Enter Mudbox
  35. Toon Boom Storyboard
  36. More Boom with Toon Boom Studio
  37. To animate, or Not to Animate
  38. iClone, you clone: iClone reborn
  39. Yet another Vista article
  40. Cinema4D to the next level
  41. 3D browsing with SpaceTime
  42. Visualize It with ToonBoom Storyboard
  43. CS3 Production Premium [Part 1]: After Effects
  44. CS3 Production Premium [Part II]: Premiere Pro, Soundbooth and Encore
  45. CS3 Production Premium [Part III]: Ultra
  46. A look at Autodesk’s Maya 2008
  47. Maya Character Modeling and Animation
  48. Decal Master and Texture Paint Helper
  49. Meet Emmy Award Winning Digital Compositor, Ryan Wieber
  50. Digital sculpting with Argile
  51. Maya Plugin Power
  52. Maya Feature Creature Creations
  53. SIGGRAPH 2008 coverage (3 part article inside)
  54. Interviews with Animation Mentor at SIGGRAPH 2008
  55. Frantic Films Works Frantically on Journey to the Center of the Earth
  56. Navigate 3D Space with Space Explorer
  57. Dream It, Film It, then ToonIt!
  58. SmithMicro’s Poser Pro in Review
  59. Water Creatin with Red Giant’s Psunami Plug-in
  60. Procedural’s CityEngine in review
  61. Autodesk’s Maya 2009 in review
  62. Autodesk’s Mudbox 2009 in review
  63. Media Production with Adobe Creative Suite 4
  64. Cinema 4D R11 sports powerful new features
  65. Book review: Character Animation with Poser Pro
  66. 3D workflow in Adobe Photoshop CS4
  67. Wacom Intuos 4 in Review
  68. Better 3D navigation with SpacePilot Pro
  69. N-Sided’s Argile 2 in review
  70. Rocketship Software’s PzDB in Review
  71. Autodesk Maya 2010 in Review
  72. Autodesk’s Mudbox 2010 in Review
  73. MAXON’s CINEMA 4D R11.5 Speeds Workflow
  74. Autodesk’s Softimage 2010 In Review
  75. An Interview with Kirk Dunne [AgentSmith]
  76. CityEngine 2009.3 In Review
  77. Real-Time Rendering with AAA Studio’s FurryBall for Maya
  78. digital anarchy’s Beauty Box in Review
  79. Pipeline integration with Mach Studio Pro
  80. Autodesk Maya 2011 in Review
  81. Autodesk Mudbox 2011 in Review
  82. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 in Review
  83. Autodesk Softimage 2011 in Review
  84. SIGGRAPH 2010 Day 1
  85. SIGGRAPH 2010 Day 2
  86. SIGGRAPH 2010 Day 3 and 4
  87. SIGGRAPH 2010 Day 5 and wrap-up
  88. Adobe After Effects CS5 in Review
  89. CityEngine 2010 in Review
  90. Digital Anarchy’s Beauty Box in Review
  91. A first look at Cineform Neo 3D
  92. Matchmoving in Stereo with PFMatchit
  93. CINEMA 4D R12 in Review
  94. digieffects’ Buena Depth Cue V2 in review
  95. Imagineer Systems’ Mocha Pro in review
  96. F33ding the future of 3D on the web
  97. Mindblock: All your mosquitoes are belong to us
  98. Adobe AfterEffects CS5.5 in Review
  99. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 in Review
  100. Autodesk Mudbox 2012 in Review
  101. Autodesk Maya 2012 in Review
  102. Autodesk Softimage 2012 in Review
  103. Book review: 250 indie games you must play
  104. Developing an Indie video game… on SteroidS
  105. Vue 10 xStream in Review
  106. iPi Desktop Motion Capture in Review
  107. Book Review: Level Design: Concept, Theory, & Practice
  108. CoreCG’s MentalCore in Review
  109. Golaem Crowd in Review
  110. Media Production with Adobe CS6
  111. Adobe Flash Professional CS6 in Review
  112. Autodesk’s Softimage 2013 in Review
  113. Autodesk’s Maya 2013 in Review
  114. Golaem Crowd 2: Crowd Simulation in Maya Made Easier
  115. Powerful 3D Painting: The Foundry’s Mari in Review
  116. Game Development Tools: UDK
  117. iPi Desktop Motion Capture: Indies Got Moves
  118. Mastering UDK Game Development
  119. Game Development Tools: GameMaker
  120. A look at Maya 2014
  121. Adobe Premiere Pro CC in Review
  122. Game Development Tools: Unity
  123. Autodesk Softimage 2014 in Review
  124. Manga Studio EX 5 in Review
  125. Digital Anarchy’s Flicker Free Video Solution
  126. Interview With Marc Brunet, Senior Character Artist at Blizzard Entertainment
  127. V-Ray 3.0 in Review
  128. Adobe Premiere Pro CC in Review
  129. Allegorithmic’s Substance Designer in Review
  130. Autodesk Mudbox 2015 in Review
  131. Maya 2015: A Game Development Perspective
  132. Game Development Tools: PlayMaker for Unity
  133. Autodesk’s 3D Scanning Application, Memento (Beta)
  134. ShaderForge: A review
  135. Allegorithmic Substance Designer 5 Review
  136. OneRender, Rendering in the Cloud
  137. Allegorithmic Substance Painter
  138. Game Development Tips: Easy Human 3d Characters
  139. Game Development Tips: Fast Level Design
  140. Review: Autodesk’s Mudbox 2016
  141. Review: Autodesk’s MotionBuilder 2016
  142. Game Development Tools: Unreal Engine 4
  143. Game Development Tools: Autodesk Stingray
  144. Game development tips: human 3d characters with Poser Pro
  145. Review: Spine, a 2D Animation Program
  146. Interactive storytelling using Twine
  147. Salvadoran indie developer goes to GDC: Part 1
  148. Salvadoran indie developer goes to GDC: Part 2
  149. Salvadoran indie developer goes to GDC: Part 3
  150. Salvadoran indie developer goes to GDC: Wrap Up
  151. Human characters with Adobe Fuse
  152. Game development tips: Animating characters with Mixamo
  153. Substance Painter 2: Review
  154. Game development tips: improve level loading in Unity
  155. Game Development Tools: SabreCSG
  156. The Foundry’s Nuke 10: A Review
  157. Adventures of an Indie Game Creator Part 1
  158. Adventures of an Indie Game Creator Part 2
  159. Adventures of an Indie Game Creator Part 3
  160. Adventures of an Indie Game Creator Part 4
  161. Review: FotoJet Online Photo Editing Tools
  162. Make your own point and click games with Adventure Creator for Unity
  163. Adventures of an Indie Game Creator Part 5
  164. Game development tips: Thinking outside the (asset) box
  165. Attending GDC 2017 as an exhibitor
  166. Adventures of an Indie Game Creator Part 6
  167. Substance Designer 6
  168. Game Review: The Art of Alice – Madness Returns
  169. Game development tips: Level optimization in Unity
  170. Game development tips: easy humans with Morph3D
  171. Use Construct for ‘codeless’ 2D game design
  172. Book review: The Hows and whys of level design
  173. The game re-Design of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
  174. Review: Maya LT – What any game developer needs
  175. Rewired: Advanced input system for Unity
  176. Using Maya LT and Stingray to create interactive experiences
  177. Adventures of an Indie Game Creator: part 7
  178. Book Review: Surviving The Indiepocalypse
  179. Review: Adobe Spark and Adobe Portfolio
  180. Adventures of an Indie Game Creator: part 8, the end is near
  181. 2D game creation with Unity’s 2D Game Kit
  182. Game development tools: What you need to know about Sculptris
  183. Exploring V-Ray Next
  184. Godot is a good light-weight game engine with ‘pretty amazing renderer’
  185. Autodesk Maya 2019
  186. The Exigency: a feature-length animated film made in Poser
  187. Easy anime characters with VRoidStudio
  188. Stadia: Google enters the gaming business?
  189. Apple Arcade: Cupertino’s games subscription service
  190. Using VRoidStudio characters in Unity
  191. Review: Redbee’s 2.5D Platformer Engine
  192. Exploring the Unity Postprocess Stack
  193. Sin City game look with Unity and Photoshop
  194. Taking a look at Unity Fog
  195. Making an infinite runner: Part 1
  196. Making an infinite runner: Part 2
  197. Making an infinite runner: Part 3
  198. Making an infinite runner: Part 4
  199. Making an infinite runner: Part 5
  200. Making an infinite runner: Part 6
  201. Making an infinite runner: Part 7
  202. Game development tools: Babylon.js
  203. ShaderFrog: An online shader creation tool
  204. How to use PoolManager for Unity to increase game performance
  205. Using Maya LT’s 2019 Quick Rig Feature
  206. Review: Create designs for your brand with Canva
  207. Turn your footage into digital paintings with EbSynth
  208. Tutorial: Animation retargeting in Maya LT – part 1
  209. Tutorial: Animation retargeting in Maya LT – part 2
  210. Easy portrait enhancing with PortraitPro
  211. Creating NPCs with Navigation Meshes and PlayMaker – part 1
  212. Review: Landscape photo enhancing with LandscapePro
  213. How to create NPCs with Navigation Meshes and PlayMaker – part 2
  214. Free 3D sculpting with MeshMolder
  215. How to create NPCs with Navigation Meshes and PlayMaker – part 3
  216. Easy video creation with Clipchamp
  217. Fast and easy body editing with PortraitPro Body
  218. Creating NPCs with Navigation Meshes and PlayMaker – part 4
  219. Review: Free and easy 3d modeling with Dust3D
  220. Poser has a new home: What can we expect?
  221. Easily join videos with Video Combiner
  222. Creating NPCs with Navigation Meshes and PlayMaker – part 5
  223. Easily create cards or promo material with DesignCap
  224. Amplify Shader Editor for Unity
  225. Adobe introduces distribution changes to Substance
  226. Free Online Photo Editing with Pixlr X
  227. Maya Tips: How to use automatic hard surface retopology in Maya
  228. Free digital painting on the web: Pixlr Photo Editor
  229. Tutorial: How to create mist in Unity
  230. Materialize: a free texture creation tool

Article by Ricky Grove on my short film “Tormented” (2009)
Rosity Moderator and Staff Writer Sergio Rosa Directing First Animated Film*

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